God Heals Animals With Miracles

Following my reincarnation and with a strong link to the Spirit of the Universe it commissioned me to tear down the wall of blindness and bring in the harvest. We are at the end of the day and the earth is in dire straits because it will soon be over. As it poured the knowledge in to do the job it also showed its power in healing and many were miraculously cured of incurable diseases and addictions. The Spirit also healed our cat which had a huge abscess on its neck.

My son had broken his thumb that day and the message was to lay hands and pray and it would be healed. That is exactly what happened. As that message was delivered through a spiritual friend I asked about the cat and the swollen neck. The message was clear and concise. “Your animals are also precious. Lay hands and it will be healed.”

My son’s thumb was a mess when he was picked up from school. It was swollen, hanging loose and badly bruised. It had happened twice before and required plaster to hold it in place for several weeks but was never strong. This time a slight bang on the desk had broken it again. As we watched the thumb jerked a bit and retracted, the swelling went down, and the bruising disappeared. He returned to school within the hour completely healed.

That night my daughters were told about the event and the healing miracle. The cat was placed on the bed in front of them and the power worked another miracle. Within seconds the lump started weeping and the cat madly licked it paw to catch the substance that came out. An hour or so later there was no sign of the lump or the wound.

On another occasion when a visit to a friend’s house saw her little Chihuahua come up to me and put his paws on my knee. She told me she was making a trip to the vet because of the lump on the dog’s paw but when she tried to show it to me there was no sign of it. The dog was miraculously healed.

One day when leaving the house to visit someone the family dog, Boss, was missing. He always came when called but there was no response. Checking the house completely as well as the outside yards he could not be found. Asking the Spirit to look after him my visit could not wait and when locking the door behind me my concern was that he could not get in when he came back.

On my return some 2 hours later Boss ran to meet me inside when I opened the door. The Spirit had performed another miracle and had opened it to let the dog inside. True to its word the animals of those who are spiritual and close to God are precious and deserving of healing power.

Correcting the Over Possessiveness of Pet Owners

An over possessive pet owner can do more harm to his four-legged friend than good. People compare pet parenting with raising children, but there are certain owners who take this one step further and try to overdo it in such a way that they enter the zone of over possessiveness.

Let us now look at some of the signs that over possessive pet owners have:

  • Afraid of leaving the four-legged friend alone with a pet sitter or pet sitting service
  • Do not allow the furry friend to play with other animals
  • Getting a toothbrush for your pal
  • Grooming them more than themselves
  • Having load full of books on pet psychology and care manuals
  • Having the veterinarian’s number on speed dial
  • If the four-legged friend gets out of sight for a moment, then it results in worried face
  • Keeping your house locked like a prison to ensure that the four-legged friend does not escape from the vicinity
  • Whenever anyone comes close to the furry companion you get anxious

If any of these signs matches your traits then it is time to back off and reflect hard on how to get rid of this over possessiveness. Although your fur baby cannot speak like human beings, they have these animal instincts which make them deal with situations unlike human beings and so never underestimate the pets. They can gauge any danger very soon; with the help of their great instincts. Even when the furry companions get sick, they know how to deal with the situation. So, if the fur baby is suffering from minor injuries or concerns resist your urge to call the veterinarian.

You can always look at the pet care manual and find the basic guidelines that need to be followed to take care of them. There is no need to read lots of stuff because it will confuse you a lot. Rather keep a note of things that you doubt and then clarify it with your veterinarian when you take them for a check-up.

If you are worried about the selection of the dog sitting service, research thoroughly by reading reviews on the internet and then select the best amongst the rest. Never isolate him. Make them mingle with other pets in the park. Keep the four-legged friend in a safe environment at home by following basic precautions. Remember, if you behave responsibly it will reflect on the furball which would keep them happy and safe.

I love writing about four legged friends and pet care topics entice me a lot. In fact during my successful tenure at BudgetPetWorld, I have been exposed to lot of pet care learning which has led to creation of this write-up, wherein; I have enumerated my perspective on the basic things that over possessive pet owners do and the various ways to curb this behavior.

To Discount or Not to Discount Your Pet Sitting Services

I think it’s an excellent idea to have a killer introductory offer for your pet sitting services to attract new clients to your business and for you to run promotions to your client list. This is not the discounting I’m referring to. In this post when I refer to “discounting,” I’m speaking of discounting for the hagglers and bargain shoppers.

Selling Yourself Short

When people haggle with you and you decide to lower your price, you inadvertently dilute your service’s value, and worst yet, the type of people that haggle with you are not the people you even want on your client roster. Hagglers are the people who will not give you referrals because they want to monopolize your schedule and keep you their convenient little secret. They are the kind of clients who will eat up your time and patience with a long list of requests that in the long run will become unreasonable. And, these are the people who will bog you down and eat up your valuable time for little value in the long run and burn out your stock of happy thoughts.

The Solution to Hagglers

Since hagglers are not the kind of people you would want on your client list, here is my suggestion; When speaking with them about the pricing of your pet sitting services, emphasize the value of your service and politely tell them that your prices are set with no room for negotiation. Next, tell them they are more than welcome to call you in the future if the are in need of top-notch professional pet care. Finally, send them on their merry way with a friendly, “best of luck!”

Bargain Shoppers

Bargain shoppers are a different breed from hagglers. They are the people who will call you and every other pet sitting business in a 15-mile radius trying to find the cheapest deal. Is this really the type of client that you want? Your answer should be a resounding “no!!!!!!!” You are not a pack of batteries or a flashlight. You are a service that offers unbelievable value, and you should be compensated accordingly.

The Solution to Bargain Shoppers

Don’t waste your time waiting for a callback or giving them an offer they can’t resist. These people are, again, not your kind peeps. These people are short term clientele and will not help in the growth of your business.

Final Thoughts on Discounting Your Pet Sitting Services

Your client list should include people who understand the value you offer, who happily pay you for your outstanding pet sitting services, who leave you and your staff generous tips and kind words of thanks, and who will refer other people to your wonderful pet sitting business.

Colleen Sedgwick is the Owner of Pet Nanny, LLC. She is devoted to providing her customers with the highest quality, in-home professional pet care available by offering unsurpassed personal service to the pets and their parents. Colleen is dedicated to providing peace of mind to pet owners who struggle with the guilt of having to leave their precious pets at home when they travel or work long hours.

Animal Adoption Rocks

You’ve heard a lot about rescue animals, but what are they, really? At the dog park, you’ve probably met more than one friendly face proudly smiling at their pal and proclaiming them a ‘rescue’. The term is endearingly sweet, and very meaningful to the owner, but the implications of the meaning may be very grave and shocking to you.

You see, for a cat or a dog to be considered a rescue animal, this means that they will have to have been literally rescued from a situation or shelter in which they otherwise would have been subjected to euthanasia. A rescue cat or dog literally owes its life to its owner, and rescuing a pet can create a lifelong bond of love and trust. Some animals are also considered rescues when they are taken from abusive or neglectful homes and rehomed to a responsible pet owner. Whatever the case, a rescue is an animal saved from a horrible fate by a kind-hearted person.

Just hearing all of that underscores one of the most important reasons there are to adopt or rescue rather than buy a pet: individuals selling the litters of their animals are not only committing an act that is morally ambiguous on its own, but saving an innocent animal from being killed is the obvious and superior choice. Some people may turn up their nose at an animal that doesn’t have a pedigree and is not purely bred, but ask yourself, does a thing like that really matter?

Our pets are here for us to love and take care of them, period, and whether or not they have papers to prove a pure bloodline have nothing to do with that. Our cats and dogs love us in turn for providing them with safe and loving homes, along with the occasional treat and new toy, and this is what truly matters. You can love a rescue pet just as easily as a pedigreed pet, and they can return your love just as easily, too.

You may have to prove that you have accommodations necessary for the animal that you’re rescuing, and you may also have to pay a fee. Usually these fees are important contributions that help feed the animals that have yet to be rescued, and keeps these animals from being sheltered in a place that would euthanize if they were not adopted after a certain period of time. The amount you pay to adopt your rescue pet is worth much less than the life of the animal, of course, and the love and bond you’ll experience with your pet over the years will outshine that paltry dollar sign very quickly.